Decadent hair or necklace vine in dark gray blue and black with black and novelty yarn in black and turquoise plus silver chains. Flowers are either embroidered with blue glass seed beads or metallic and AB glass beads.  

How to Style: Wear this wrapped stylishly around or hanging from your neck, over a scarf, as a belt or even wear woven through your hair.  

Note:  It is advisable to NOT wear your hair ornament/necklace while swimming, bathing, sitting in a hot tub/sauna, playing sports or expose it to extreme heat.   Hand wash with mild soap and cold water.  Check for colorfastness.  

Materials:  Novelty Buttons, Novelty Yarn, Acrylic Felt, Glass Beads, Metal Chain

Crochet Vine:  L:  43"  (109.5cm)

The Dark Side Black Roses Goth Meandering Vine
USD $ 16.50 USD $ 32.00