Gorgeous swirly teal/dark blue polymer cake adorned with tiny pearls, gems, pink polymer roses & gold-tone leaves (decorated with metal leaf) and polymer clay macarons.  The cake sits on a metal "plate".  Silver-tone faceted plastic bead strand has an included extender with gem charm.

Note:  It is advisable to NOT wear your necklace while swimming, bathing, sitting in a hot tub/sauna, playing sports or expose it to extreme heat.  Some chemicals (perfume, lotion, hair products, etc.) may stain/mar the polymer clay, so use caution.  Clean with a very small amount of mild soap, like Dawn, and COOL water in a small bowl.  Do not soak, but dip the piece and then carefully dip it in a bowl of COOL water to rinse.  Dry with soft clean cloth.  

Materials:  polymer clay, crystals, metal leaf, plastic  beads, jewelry findings, resin

Pendant  L:  1 3/8"  W:  1 3/8"

Pearl strand, including closures:  18 1/4"


Take the Cake Necklace
USD $ 17.50 USD $ 35.00