Adjustable Band

Who doesn't love snow globes? How about a portable mini glittery globe? Now you know how we got here.   Filled with bits of mica, crystals, glitter and teeny tiny sequins floating in a baby oil base, you'll have endless amounts of entertainment - literally at your fingertips.  The bulb holding all these wonderful things is glass and secured with resin.  However, the ring should fit snugly on the finger to keep it from moving around.  

*Because the globe is glass, it will shatter if you smack it into something, so be aware!  Follow the tips below for optimal care.  The metal ring is lead and nickel free, and fits most adult finger sizes.

Note: Due to differences in monitors and lighting, item color online may differ slightly from the actual object.  I've taken several photos of the object in different lighting to give you options for making a decision.

Materials:  resin, metal, glitter, mica, crystals, baby oil, glass, sequins

Size:    Adjustable  

Band Width (thinnest part):   3mm

Care Guidelines to Help Your Resin Jewelry Look Better Longer


As resin is a plastic, extreme heat can cause it to warp and even melt. Take your resin jewelry OFF when swimming/bathing/showering/hot tubbing or sitting in a sauna. 

Sunlight/UV Rays

Avoid storing your resin jewelry in direct sunlight as it can cause some resins to yellow/cloud or the design to fade.  Fading can happen especially with sun/heat sensitive products, like liquid crystal and UV sensitive paint if they are overexposed.

Abrasion and Sharp Objects

Although resin is a hard plastic, it can scratch or even chip if handled incorrectly. Scratches can occur from your resin piece coming into contact with things like coins, keys, other jewelry, and other abrasive surfaces.  Chipping can happen when a piece is bumped against another object or from being dropped. It is advisable to remove your jewelry if it will come into contact with any surfaces or objects that might damage it.  Examples:  housecleaning, yardwork, sports, bathing/showering/sauna/hot tub, etc.


Things you use every day can affect your resin jewelry.  You probably don’t think of them as chemicals, but acetone, nail polish, perfumes, oils, dyes & colorants, hair products, some soaps and other products can affect your resin by dulling it or worse.  If you're going to use any of these products, remove your jewelry first.


Never submerge your resin jewelry or expose it to high humidity or you may damage it.  Take your resin jewelry OFF when swimming/bathing/showering/hot tubbing or sitting in a sauna (yes, I’m repeating myself).  

Cleaning Your Precious

You can easily clean your piece at home with a soft t-shirt material cloth, cool water and a little bit of mild soap like Dawn.  Mix a tiny bit of the soap into the water and dip your cloth into it, only slightly making it damp.  Slowly and gently, use the cloth to polish your piece.  You do not want to cause friction as it will build up heat and you may damage the resin.  

Once done, dry your jewelry with a soft dry cloth and store in a cool dry place.

Sparkle Snow Globe Glitter Shaker Ring Adjustable
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