Charming crocheted hair or necklace vine in two rich muted green colors with sky blue acrylic flowers.  Each flower has a different novelty button at its center.

How to Style: Wear this wrapped stylishly around or hanging from your neck, over a scarf, as a belt or even wear woven through your hair.  

Note:  It is advisable to NOT wear your hair ornament/necklace while swimming, bathing, sitting in a hot tub/sauna, playing sports or expose it to extreme heat.   Hand wash with mild soap and cold water.  Check for colorfastness.  

Materials:  Novelty Buttons, Acrylic Yarn, Acrylic Felt

Crochet Vine:  L:  80"  (203.2cm)


Meandering Green Crochet Vine Hair Necklace with Sky Blue Flowers
USD $ 16.50 USD $ 32.00