Aren't these fun?  These arty barrettes were an absolute labor of love, inspired by my paper collection and some vintage medicine labels.  Each one has fun charms accenting the theme and a 4" (10.16cm) metal bar barette on the backside. All paper parts of the barrettes are roughly 4" (10.16cm) x 2" (5.08cm), the paper is sealed.  Please let me know which barrette(s) you want in Seller's Notes.

1) Oil of Eucalyptus label features vintage newspaper paper, Steampunk watch parts, a cherub and blue crystal. 

2) Dragon Scales features leaf paper, Asian themed dragon paper and a brass nautical button.

3) Oil of Wintergreen label features stylized paper, Steampunk watch parts, a vintage shoe charm and large crystal.

4) Bay Rum label features dragon paper (at least I think they are) with a Steampunk watch face, a stylized flower charm and crystal.


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