So many watercolors!  This is a huge selection of handmade watercolors in mini pans.  They range from colorshifting to some that change color in sunlight!  The mini pans have magnets on the bottom which hold them to the bottom of the box. (I have a smaller version of this set in an Altoid box).

Set comes with a water refillable brush (fill the handle with water).  The watercolors use clove oil as a preservative.  

To use:  Let a drop of water sit on the watercolor for a minute or two before using. Please let the paints dry completely before closing the tin to store.

Mini Pan:  0.3ml capacity - 0.47" x0.47" x "0.16 (12mm x12mm x 4mm)

Tin: 7 1/8" x 4 5/16" x 1 9/16" (18.10cm x 10.95cm x 3.97cm)

Big Brush (with cap):  6"(L) (15.24cm)

Note: Due to differences in monitors and lighting, item color online may differ slightly from the actual object.  I've taken several photos of the object in different lighting to give you options for making a decision.

Rainbow Colorshift Watercolor Collection
USD $ 105.00 USD $ 210.00