🎨 Introducing our exquisite Dot Paper Palette, inspired by the vibrant hues of nature and crafted to ignite your creativity! 🌟


Experience the magic of color transformation with our unique palette featuring eight mesmerizing shades:


1. **UV Gleam**: Watch as this sky blue transforms into a captivating light rust color when exposed to sunlight.

2. **Golden Sunburst**: Radiate warmth with this lustrous gold shade that adds a touch of brilliance to your artwork.

3. **Citrus Blaze**: Ignite your imagination with the fiery intensity of this citrus-inspired hue.

4. **Scarlet Ember**: Embark on a journey of passion and intensity with this rich scarlet shade.

5. **Emerald Oasis**: Dive into the depths of creativity with the lush green tones of this emerald hue.

6. **Azure Skyfall**: Let your imagination soar with the tranquil blue hues reminiscent of a clear sky.

7. **Royal Velvet Twilight**: Envelop your artwork in the luxurious depths of this regal purple shade.

8. **Solar Flare Spark**: Witness the captivating UV transformation from blood red to a deeper purple-red, adding depth and dimension to your creations.


Crafted on high-quality 75lb watercolor paper, our palette is designed to enhance your painting experience. Each color shift is more pronounced and magical when applied to your canvas, allowing you to unleash your artistic vision with ease.  The watercolors use clove oil as a preservative.



Length: 4 5/8" (11.75 cm)

Widest Point: 3 3/8" (8.57 cm)

Tiny Brushes:  3 5/8"(L) (9.208cm)


Please note: Due to settling during shipping, there is a possibility that they may eperience cracking or detatchment from the card if handled roughly during transit. Included with the palette is a tiny brush, perfect for detailed work and precise strokes. 

To use:  Let a drop of water sit on the watercolor for a minute or two before using. Please let the paints dry completely before closing the case to store.


Disclaimer: Due to differences in monitors and lighting, item color online may differ slightly from the actual object.  I've taken several photos of the object in different lighting to give you options for making a decision.


Artist Rainbow Handmade Watercolor Dot Card Palette Sampler
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